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5 star

Blossom House·Beijing Houhai Hotel
4.8/51672 Değerlendirme

Blossom House·Beijing Houhai Hotel

Houhai Area Beijing|Beiguo Theater noktasından 2.96km

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It is a hotel located in a Hutong in Beijing, surrounded by local residents, next to Houhai, and you can see small bars and coffee shops around Houhai within a few steps. (Picture 1️⃣) facility: The decoration is eye-catching. It is a hotel with black elements as the theme, and there are several cute little parrots in it! The guest room is actually very big, and there is a small round table for eating and so on. There are also various snacks and drinks for you when you check in ^_^ Serve: I must praise the waiters, they are all so enthusiastic! From the moment I stepped into the hotel, I provided very considerate help~ There are two restaurants in the hotel. Breakfast is served in peach, which avoids waste by ordering ~ but I feel that the meals provided in other time periods are not very surprising, but the French fries 🍟 are really delicious! ! ! Must try. Another restaurant is in the depths of the hotel, which belongs to western food. Very quiet, there were only three or four tables when I went. The waiters in the restaurant are very considerate, and the food is also very good. I ordered foie gras mousse (picture 2️⃣) and salmon. I personally like roasted cauliflower 🥦 It's a pity to patronize and enjoy without taking too many photos🥹 I highly recommend Huajiantang, a very comfortable experience. This time I was in a hurry and didn't stay for too long. I will choose this place next time I come to Beijing!

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Bupt Jinjiang Hotel
4.4/5300 Değerlendirme
Madian Area
The room is very good, the location is next to Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the room is fully equipped, and the Beiyou Campus can be seen from the window. The front desk lady has a good service attitude, and the hotel near Beiyou is the first choice.
Hanting Hotel (Beijing Bei Normal University South Xueyuan Road)
4.7/5600 Değerlendirme
Xizhimen and Beijing Exhibition Center Area
Very satisfied, the service is very good, the transportation is convenient, hygienic and clean, and the price is reasonable
2.4/555 Değerlendirme
Xizhimen and Beijing Exhibition Center Area
I found it by Ctrip on a business trip with a friend. It was very close to Beijing Normal University. It was only a ten-minute walk away. The room is spacious and bright. It has three floors. We live on the second floor. The cleaning is also clean. The stairs are a bit high and the front desk service attitude is good. Very good, sleep at night is quite quiet, no noise, here is the key point, the proprietress said that the sheets, quilts, towels and bath towels are all brand new, great, and will come again next time
Floral Hotel Beijing Renhexuan Hotel (Beijing Normal University Jishuitan Branch)
4.7/51006 Değerlendirme
Xizhimen and Beijing Exhibition Center Area
The hotel door is antique and beautiful! Renhexuan yard is very beautiful, look happy! A cage of ”singing” parrots hangs on the tree, and two cages of birds show love. The service was very intimate, my waist was twisted, and Xiao Xu at the front desk was very enthusiastic and immediately helped to take the luggage to the room. Also upgraded the room for free, very comfortable! The room was clean and tidy. If there is any problem, the phone front desk will solve it immediately, very good! Go out and ride a bicycle to the subway station, Line 2, and 3 stops to the Lama Temple. The Lama Temple can be entered by appointment on the same day recently, it is best to make an appointment in advance. National Museum, Prince Gong's Palace is best to make an appointment a week in advance. Not far from the Lama Temple, the same day as the grain bank, 60-year-old store. 28 sauce (2 points sesame seeds 8 points peanuts) 13.8 yuan/500g, many people buy! Experience the fun of old Beijing. Riding a few hundred meters, Laojing Russian restaurant, the portion is real, the price is good, the boy salad 28, the red vegetable head soup 28 (with beef), after eating these two found that the main dish can not be eaten
Floral Hotel Beijing Mike's Home (Beijing Normal University Jishuitan Branch)
4.8/5394 Değerlendirme
Xizhimen and Beijing Exhibition Center Area
The Beijing quadrangle courtyard has been remodeled and has unique characteristics. The entrance is quite beautiful, with creepers, big red doors and wooden chairs. . . The room is very quiet, double-bed room with two entrances, large space, and the whole bathroom is clean and tidy. The double room is a bit smaller. The boss was very enthusiastic, and he helped to find a place to eat. When he left, he pulled something and mailed it, which was very touched. . .
4.5/511 Değerlendirme
Xizhimen and Beijing Exhibition Center Area
The location of the house is very convenient, there is an elevator, opposite Maple Blue International, it is very close to doing nucleic acid, the room is very clean, facing south, there is a big tree outside the window, the balcony can be used to cook with gas, the bathroom water is very large, the landlord is very enthusiastic, and I live in this building. It is very convenient to find her if something happens… Thanks also for forgetting to take the shoes when I left. The landlord informed me at the first time 😊 I hope to see you again♥️🌹

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