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5 star

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Saime Hatun Cami

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Atatürk University Distance Education Application and Research Center

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Esmak Kütüphanesi Erzurum Büyükşehir Belediyesi

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Hilton Garden Inn Erzurum
4.4/537 Değerlendirme
We was so pleased by the hotel and stuff! Everything was just perfect! Hotel is 10 min away from mountains, there is no problem with taxi to get there. Just in front of the hotel there is a huge shopping mall. So comfortable and good. Hotel has good food, stuff, location. Definitely will be back!
Lala Grand Hotel
4.6/511 Değerlendirme
I stayed in this hotel with my family for 4 days. The rooms and other areas of the hotel were well cleaned. The variety of breakfast items was also good. Are there only one or two problems in this hotel? 1- The heating of the rooms of this hotel is from the floor, and unfortunately there is no possibility to control the amount of heating neither for the passengers nor for the hotel officials. Therefore, we were forced to leave the window open in the cold season of the year, because we had two children, one and six years old, until the morning, we were worried that the children and maybe ourselves would catch a cold. Therefore, the hotel manager should think about controlling the amount of heating in the hotel rooms. 2- Although the people in charge of cleaning the rooms did their job well, unfortunately, they failed to charge enough bathroom items (shampoo, etc.). And instead of charging at least two series of shampoos, they only charge one series every day. Other receptionists are polite and helpful. Overall, I give this hotel 4 out of 5 points.
Grand Catalkaya Hotel
4.5/546 Değerlendirme
I'm always coming to my house but I can say the best hotel I've stayed, a perfect hotel, especially a open buffet breakfast I liked almost a little bird milk, I'm staying in the mountain and paying the air-cured money, both suitable and quality, I always prefer to have a hygienic hotel after that. The family of Catalkaya to see you again.
Otel Cinar
4.4/529 Değerlendirme
The hotel is within walking distance to many tourist attractions and restaurants in the city center, and the breakfast served in the morning is very nice and satisfying. The rooms are warm, the friends at the reception are very helpful and help you with anything you need. A perfect price performance hotel, I recommend it to everyone.
Butik Rafo Otel
4.2/514 Değerlendirme
The staff are really very interested and respectful. The room is generally clean, not counting some small shortages. I sleeped comfortable in the night, the temperature was good. I didn't experience a situation that would be uncomfortable. The gentleman who was in charge of the breakfast when I was down to the hotel welcomed meat and said that we were waiting for my first guest. Breakfast was enough feeding and tasty. The tea was also fun because I'm looking for good tea everywhere, especially the quality of the tea. Thanks to all employees, a hotel I'll prefer in my next business trip. It is in the centre's position and away from noise. There are food places, cakes and cafes around. There are still plenty of car rental places on this street. Thanks to Rafo Hotel employees
Hotel Zade
4.4/555 Değerlendirme
We stayed in the family room in September. Our negative views were as follows: The room was three persons, a double bed and one single bed. They gave this room despite being two. The room was quite narrow. There was no room to put the bag and we put it on the only bed we didn't use. Our room was in the 5 perles. When the morning breakfast started (hour 7.00), it was very noisy, it was impossible to sleep in the room. So stay away from the rooms in the 5-perle floor. The sounds of the rooms are very bad. If there is a shower in the side room, it's like the sound in your room. Or you're watching TV in common. As for their positive aspects, the hotel is very central and is at walking distance to most of the sites to visit. There is no noise outside because the traffic is not intensive. Breakfast is very varied and very tasty. The tea and coffee outside the breakfast are also offered as a bonus. The workers are very laughing and helpful (except day-to-day staff at the reception). We thank especially the night staff Suna Lady. As a result, would we stay in Erzurum again? Yes, we stay with no 5 perle floors ...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Popüler Erzurum otelleri hangileri?

    Erzurum birçok popüler otel içeriyor. İster iş ister tatil seyahatleri için Otel Cinar, Uygun Otel ve Saka Life Hotel ideal birer otel seçimi.

  • Erzurum otelleri için ortalama fiyat ne kadar?

    Erzurum otelleri için hafta içi ortalama fiyat 2.013 ₺, hafta sonu (Cuma-Cumartesi) ortalama fiyat ise 2.018 ₺.

  • Erzurum için hangi lüks oteller öneriliyor?

    Erzurum, farklı stillere sahip birçok lüks otel içeriyor. Örneğin Hilton Garden Inn Erzurum çok popüler.

  • Hangi Erzurum oteli kaliteli kahvaltılar sunuyor?

    Hilton Garden Inn Erzurum,Otel Cinar ve Cag Otel kaliteli kahvaltı sunuyor. Güne enfes bir kahvaltıyla başlayın!

  • Hangi Erzurum otellerinde fitness olanakları sunuluyor?

    Hilton Garden Inn Erzurum ve Saltuk Hotel fitness olanakları sunuyor. Seyahat ederken de formda kalabilirsiniz!

  • Hangi Erzurum otellerinde yüzme havuzu var?

    Hilton Garden Inn Erzurum ve Saltuk Hotel yüzme havuzları içeren birer otel. Yüzme havuzunun keyfini çıkarmak için bu otellerden birinde kalabilirsiniz.

  • Hangi Erzurum oteli ücretsiz Wi-Fi bağlantısı sunuyor?

    İster iş ister tatil için seyahat ediyor olun, internet bağlantısına sahip olmak her zaman önemlidir. Otel Cinar, Saka Life Hotel ve Hotel Kervansaray ücretsiz Wi-Fi sunan popüler birer otel.

  • Hangi Erzurum otellerinde kaplıca var?

    Otelinizde kaplıca deneyimi yaşamak ister misiniz? Saka Life Hotel kaplıcalar içeriyor. Hemen rezervasyon yapın!

  • Hangi Erzurum otelleri havalimanı transfer hizmetleri sunuyor?

    Erzurum aşina olduğunuz bir yer değil mi? Hotel Buyuk Dogu, Hotel Kervansaray ve Otel Zade havalimanı transfer hizmetleri sunuyor.

  • Hangi Erzurum otelleri denemeye değer spa deneyimleri sunuyor?

    Seyahat etmekten yorgun mu düştünüz? Hilton Garden Inn Erzurum ve Lala Grand Hotel yüksek puanlı spa hizmetleri sunuyor.

  • Erzurum otel promosyonları neler?, kullanıcılarına yıl boyunca çeşitli promosyonlar ve indirimler sunuyor.'da sunulan promosyonlar için promosyonlar sayfasına göz atabilirsiniz.

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Ortalama Fiyat (Hafta sonu)2.018 ₺